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Thanks for stopping by Style by Santina, the personal style blog of, you guessed it, me - Santina! When I started this blog I was living in Portland, OR, fighting through the rain and gloom by wearing clothes that made me happy. Before long I decided to move to a small beach town in Mexico for some much needed sunshine. After nine lazy, margarita-filled months, I’m finding my way around a new city - San Francisco! Here I share my daily outfits, inspirations, current cravings, photography and the occasional update about life outside of my (real or imaginary) closet.
A few more things about me:
I’m a lifelong Celtics fan. Don’t expect any Lakers love around here.
Cats are by far my favorite animals; cows are a close second.
I’ll choose heels over flats any day.
My all-time favorite candy is Wild Berry Skittles.
I’ve never met a stripe I didn’t like; you’ll see them a lot here.
I come from a long line of women named Santina. It's my mom's name; it was her grandmother's name, and so on.

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