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Shirt: Something Else by Natalie Wood (Mira Mira)
Jeans: Current/Elliott (Nordstrom)
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell (Shoe Biz)
Bag: See by Chloe (a gift)

I’ll just come right out and say it: I can be a little bit of a prick sometimes. On a good day I’m as sarcastic as they come, but give me a week that won’t end, not a lot of sleep and a touch of a hangover, and what many people would consider part of my charm becomes a little less endearing. And this shirt is perfect for those days! I mean, at least I warn people…

This bag has been in heavy rotation lately because my laptop bag broke, and this is one of the only bags in my closet that can hold my laptop. I forgot how much I love this bag; I remember being so excited when I opened it up one Christmas many years ago! It’s a little like being reunited with an old friend. All that said, I really need a new laptop bag – any recommendations? I’d love to hear them!


Adiel said...

Lol I love your play on words! Sorry about your computer bag!

Santina said...

Thank you, friend! Yeah, the laptop bag went down in a blaze of glory. I think I might have to upgrade to a leather laptop bag; the nylon just eventually gives out.

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