Outfit Redux

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Sweatshirt: Gat Rimon (Mira Mira)
Shirt: J.Crew 
Jeans: Current/Elliott (Nordstrom)
Shoes: Modern Vintage (Gilt)
Bag: Kate Spade (Gilt)

You've likely come to the conclusion that I work a lot. Let's face it; tech startups are not synonymous with work/life balance. Sometimes I have to put blog posts on hold; sometimes I have to put my personal life on hold. And while that sucks, it also means that when I do get together with my girls, we make up for lost time (read: we go hard) so the warm and fuzzies last until the next time I see them. And, that's exactly what happened this past weekend. I went out for what ending up being an epic brunch with Adiel, Angie and Dana, and this is what I wore. Of course, when Monday rolled around, I wasn't ready to let go of the weekend and all the fun I had, so I threw on the very same outfit as a reminder. I tell you this with no shame. I’m an emotional dresser, so once I associate a particular item or outfit with something positive, I like to wear it when I need some good vibes. And who can’t use that on Monday morning?


Aimee Rancer said...

That sparkle gives the sweatshirt so much edge! Love it! Happy Wednesday!

Adiel said...

I love that you wore it again! No shame in that, lady! xo

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