Black And White Puzzle Manicure

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Sally Hansen White On // Sephora by OPI What's a Tire Jack?
After taking a break from black and white manicures last week, I was ready for another one this week. I broke out my favorite black and white polishes, but before I settled in to start painting, I did a quick Google search for “black and white manicures”. As I scrolled through endless images, I spotted this design and knew I had found a winner. Not only am I obsessed with the design but it’s also very easy to apply. I considered doing a step-by-step tutorial to share on the blog, but I had to move quickly to be finished in time for True Blood (priorities, people). I’ll definitely do this design again, so perhaps next time? Are nail tutorials something you’d like to see on Style by Santina? Let me know in the comments!


Tali said...

This nail art looks really cool, I would appreciate a tutorial!

Usha said...

I HAD to comment to say how cool I think your nail art is. I have zero patience to do it myself but you did an awesome job!

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