Big Shoes And Boyfriend Jeans

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Shirt: Something Else by Natalie Wood (Mira Mira)
Jeans: Rich & Skinny (Nordstrom)
Shoes: Pencey (Gilt Warehouse Sale)
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff

This outfit started with the shoes. I snagged them at the Gilt Warehouse Sale a while ago, but just when the weather warmed up, I injured my back. One might think it goes without saying that back pain and six inch platforms don't go together. I actually tried these shoes just to test that theory. It turns out it's true. Once I was back in heel wearing shape, I quickly put a look together around the shoes. Boyfriend jeans felt like a good balance to the chunky heel, and the cutouts on the shirt seem to compliment the woven leather in an unexpected way. Of course, in these shoes I'm about eight feet tall, which was awesome until I had to stand on the bus. That was not so awesome.


rachel // mousevox said...

Love the print on that blouse. I have STILL not gone to Mira Mira. Shame on me.

Sweet_Laundry said...

I can't believe how tall you are in these shoes! They look great with jeans and I absolutely love this cut out blouse. You always manage to find the best button up shirts!

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