Again And Again

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Shirt: H&M
Tank: Banana Republic
Skirt: Rachel Zoe (Nordstrom Rack)
Watch: Michael Kors (Nordstrom)
Bracelet and Ring: Gifts
Shoes: Kurt Geiger
Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Sunglasses: A gift

The weather was absolutely beautiful in San Francisco this weekend and I didn’t let the opportunity to wear something summery pass me by. Of course, as it so often is the case, while it was warm, it was also extremely windy. And as any SF girl knows, it makes wearing a short skirt a bit of a chore as it requires constant vigilance to hold it down. I wasn’t in the mood for that, so I quickly decided that a long skirt was the only option. This one was already out of my closet because I wore it earlier in the week, and I couldn’t resist wearing it again. This actually happens more often than the blog reveals. I get obsessed with certain pieces and wear them over and over without shame, and this skirt is definitely one of those pieces. How about you? Are you a repeat offender? 


Eli said...

Oh man, I wore a dress this day and had several Marilyn Monroe moments! Good thing I always wear my American Apparel metallic shorts under dresses! And again, yes to repeat outfits :)

Jenn from Fashion & Fringe said...

cute shoesies! totally agree with you on the SF girl vibes - we always gotta be prepared for that wind!

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