Glitter Fishtail Manicure

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American Apparel The Valley // Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy Galactic

As I briefly mentioned in this post, I had the honor of being selected as a contestant in Refinery29 and Revlon’s nail art contest. To kick it off, they sent me a box of Revlon polish. Win or lose, I already felt like a winner receiving her prize! Included in the haul was a particular duo – Galactic – that had actually caught my eye many times in Target. A deep blue and an ice like glitter was a combination I couldn’t resist for too long once it was in my possession. I usually start with a design and then select colors, but this time I needed to select a design that would work with the colors. I quickly decided on a fishtail manicure. I’ve never started with a glittery base, but I kinda love it. I think it would be fun with a more intricate design layered over it - maybe a leopard or floral? That said, this glitter is quite chunky, and it made applying smooth lines difficult. Next time I’ll use a finer glitter as a base, but I do love this glitter. The photo doesn’t capture the shimmer; it’s like my nails are glowing.


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