Sweatshirt Manicure

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My love of sweatshirts has been well documented here on Style by Santina. From sequins to camouflage to a mirror print, I have a diverse collection of sweatshirts. So smitten with the latest addition to my collection – a glittery Gat Rimon sweatshirt – I decided to turn it into a manicure. I started with a gray base coat and waited for it to dry. Then I taped off the top third of my nail and added a few coats of a multicolor glitter top coat. I intended to stop there, but the division between glitter and gray wasn’t as pronounced as I hoped, so I swiped a black line across the nail using striping polish. What do you think? Have I taken my love of sweatshirts too far or just far enough?

Also, Refinery29 is hosting a nail art contest, and a few of my designs have been selected. If you have a few minutes and wouldn't mind heading over to vote, I'd really appreciate it! You can vote on my Cloud Manicure, Dotty Fade Manicure, and Fishtail Manicure. There are a few others, but I can't find a way to filter out only my designs - bummer! Thanks for your support!


Sahra said...

um, LOVE this mani!! <3

XO Sahra

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