Vacation Bound

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Let's go (on a beach vacation)!
1. Alice + Olivia Dress //  2. J.Crew Bikini top and bottom // 3. Acne T-shirt // 4. Paul Smith Denim Shorts // 5. Marc by Marc Jacobs Jelly Sandals // 6. Printed Cat Canvas Bag

I’m going to Costa Rica…next week! And, I definitely have vacation on my brain. While I always wait until the last minute to pack, I already have a section of my closet dedicated to items that will be coming with me. I’ve slowly picked them up over the last few months, and I’m excited to finally get to wear them. My travel style is always dictated by the destination. I like to blend in with the locals, which is a bit more difficult with pink hair as I learned on my trip to Baja. But when it comes to clothes, I go with casual and low key. I’m staying in a bungalow that’s literally on the beach; I probably won’t even wear shoes any of the ten days. That said, if I do, I’d love to throw on these neon jellies with studs.

I plan to spend my days in easy looks that I can throw on over a bikini – cutoffs and a tee or a cotton sundress with a tote bag. For warm evenings at a beachside restaurant, I’ll slip into easy dresses that show off sun kissed shoulders. And since this trip is to celebrate my anniversary with my partner – twelve years! – I bought a special dress for the occasion. I cannot wait.


Eli said...

Congratulations to you and Ben! :) I'm excited FOR you to go on this trip!! Is there room for me in the suitcase?

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