Floral Manicure

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Sephora by OPI Havana Dreams // Sally Hansen White On // American Apparel Neon Yellow

Oh man, it has been a long week, friends...but I’ve said that a few weeks in a row, which means that the vacation I mentioned cannot come soon enough! (Five days, but who’s counting?)

Speaking of vacation, I popped into my favorite boutique in SF – Mira Mira – a few weeks back and left with a bag full of items that I’m super excited to wear in Costa Rica. One piece - a cute little drop waist cotton dress – actually inspired this manicure. I’m so smitten with the dress that I decided to steal the simple floral print for this week’s manicure. I used a dotting tool to apply white dots and then one neon yellow dot right in the middle. This manicure is so easy that you will surely see it again soon.


Sweet Laundry said...

This is so pretty and perfect for spring. I'm itching to try some polka dots...and maybe even some tiny flowers like this. Have fun in Costa Rica!

Santina said...

For real? I totally thought of you when I wrote this post. This design is so easy, and it really doesn't need to be perfect at all. Everyone can do it! Give it a try! I recommend making your own dotting tool - either using baking toothpicks or a pencil with a pin pushed into the eraser. Try it, try it, try it! :)

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