Graphic Triangles Manicure

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Sally Hansen Snappy Sorbet // Essie Mezmerised // American Apparel The Valley

I came across this design while flipping through the latest InStyle and thought it looked simple enough. So when I looked to my growing collection of nail polish and found very similar colors to those featured, I knew I had my weekend manicure all lined up. Of course, things rarely go according to plans – even when it comes to nails – and while I tried to keep to only one coat of the darker blue color to allow the lighter color to show through, I just couldn’t handle it. It looked messy and the color was inconsistent, and the perfectionist in me quickly decided on two coats. While I was pleased the results, the transparency of the layers was actually what attracted me to this design, so I was a little bummed to have strayed from it. If you have any tips for applying a single coat of polish so that the color is consistent, please send them my way.

And when I said, “things rarely go according to plans”, I wasn’t only talking about modifying the design halfway through. As I’ve mentioned, painting my nails is part of my Sunday “brace yourself for the week” routine; then I usually snap photos on Monday or Tuesday. Somehow, I managed to chip several nails while sleeping. I debated photoshopping the imperfections out, but I felt like a fake. So, since I kept it real, you can just ignore the chips, okay?


House Of Jeffers said...

So funny... I too do my nails on Sundays as a pre-prep for Monday dreariness. Do you use tape or free-hand it? Regardless, this is such a fun mani!


Santina said...

I've always been a terrible liar! And it's not that I thought it was wrong to touch up the photos, but it just didn't feel like me. And shit, if I'm not gonna be me, who the hell is?

Besides, your nail approval is the only approval I care about!

Santina said...

Sunday manis FTW!

I did not use tape for this design. It was easy enough to free hand using the normal brush from the bottle. I actually hate using tape, so I usually free-hand my nails!

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