Dotty Fade Manicure

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Sally Hansen White On // Sephora by OPI What's a Tire Jack?

There’s really not much to say except that I love this manicure. After weeks of manicures that felt “meh”, I was happy to finally finish one off and absolutely love the end result. I follow WAH Nails on Instagram, and it’s a constant source of inspiration. When I spied this design, I knew it would be gracing my fingers in no time. Dots are one of the easiest designs to apply; the only thing that concerned me was the white base coat. While I can acknowledge that white is one of the best bases for nail art, I find it very difficult to work with. It usually requires at least three coats to achieve an opaque base, and for some reason the edges always look messy to me. To create clean lines around my cuticles, I dipped a thin but firm nail art brush into acetone and swept it across the bottom edge of polish. It worked like a charm! Honestly, I love this manicure so much that I'm very tempted to do it again next time...and the time after that...and, well, you get the point!

Happy Friday, friends! 


House Of Jeffers said...

I love how it came out! So neat and clean. And I too follow Wah Nails... you know where it's at....


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