Valentine's Day Outfit Inspiration

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Valentine's Day Outfit Inspiration
To the office: Proenza Schouler bag / T By Alexander Wang shirt / J.Crew pants / Valentino shoes / Candy Heart necklace / Brass and Silver Heart ring / Double finger spike ring // To the date: Zara black and white heels / Marc by Marc Jacobs dress / Lulu Guinness clutch / Club Monaco bracelet / Tom Binns spike ring / Tom Binns multi spike ring

Valentine's Day really isn't my thing. I think I blame it on my high school years when I watched girls parade around the halls with balloons, flowers and obnoxious little stuffed animals. I realize that I sound like a bitter woman, scorned by years of being an awkward smart girl. Not the case. In fact, one year I received not just a bouquet but balloons. I was completely embarrassed, and instead of saying "thank you" I said "you shouldn't have" before shoving it all into my locker. Valentine's Day was dead to me.

Fast forward (more years than I care to quantify) to last year, when my boyfriend sent flowers to my office - it melted my heart a little. So I'm embracing Valentine's Day this year though as nothing more than an excuse for a date night with my man...and of course, as an opportunity to dream up the perfect outfits for the occasion. And the emphasis is definitely on "dream" with these two looks. The PS and Valentino heels? Not happening any time soon. But the J.Crew pants and Marc dress? I'm seriously considering adding those to my closet!

How about you? Are you a fan of Valentine's Day?


kimair said...

i just got the j.crew pants over the weekend! i went to the store and they happened to have them and i couldn't resist. i'm loving the date outfit...would look fab on you! xo

princetoneatsportland said...

Remember a couple years ago when you posted a Valentines Day wishlist, and there were those red Jeffrey Campbell wedges? I still try to find those occasionally. Why didn't I snag them when I had the chance???

Sweet Laundry said...

OMG, I need that striped dress!

Eli said...

Those shoes! Be still my heart!

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