Matte Plaid Manicure

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I stole this manicure straight off the Wah Nails Instagram feed. (Check out my inspiration here.) I fell in love with matte top coats a few months ago but had yet to apply one over a design. I actually didn’t think to do so as I find that matte top coats don’t smooth out imperfections like a good top coat does. Also, I usually add a few coats for a very apparent matte finish, and all too often layers of polish with layers of a top coat lead to nails that never fully dry. Nothing is more disappointing than waking up to find smudges all over the nails you carefully painted the day before. Am I right?

This is one of those manicures that looks best from afar. All those straight lines in the plaid? Not so straight but not so bad for freehand. As I’ve complained before, I absolutely hate using tape to apply designs, so I generally apply designs with nail art brushes. The key to this one was allowing each layer of paint to dry fully. And to be completely honest, I waited a solid three hours before applying the matte top coat. No smudges – success!


Sweet Laundry said...

Whoa. Matte top coat? I learn something new every day! I absolutely hate the smudges so would only want to use the matte top coat, like you say, after the nails are completely dry. It looks really good over the design, makes it look like it was applied all in one coat. Well done!

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