Fishtail Manicure: Take Two

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Finally a nail art post! Remember when they were a weekly feature here on Style by Santina? Yeah, me too. What happened, you ask? Well, fear not, friends; my nails were not bare (gasp!) but I did keep them simple for the first month of my new job. Leaving the fashion world behind may have meant leaving certain nail art - ahem, kitty nails - behind, as well. (While I loved them, I don't really think kitty nail art screams, "I'm a professional!") And to be honest, between trying to get my footing at the new gig, friends visiting San Francisco, and ten million other more important things, I really haven't had time for nail art. But last weekend I made time for a quick design because I really missed it. I truly enjoy meticulous tasks and the focus they demand, so it was actually quite relaxing. I’ve done this fishtail manicure before, but I wanted to try it with a natural base. Skipping the base color not only saved time but also created a design that's interesting without being too over the top. I think I might explore this option with a few of my other favorite designs. What do you think? Do you prefer this design with a solid base color?


House Of Jeffers said...

O.M.G. This mani is amazing! Did you use tape as a guide - b/c the lines are perfect! I'll have to add this to my mani "to-do" list!


Santina said...

Thanks, Jen! I didn't use tape; I actually applied the design free hand. The first time I did this manicure I followed this tutorial:

Hope that helps! I'd love to see your take on it!


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