Laugh Cry Repeat Sweatshirt: Three Ways

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After putting together that set of swoon worthy sweatshirts, I vowed that my next remix post would be centered on my favorite sweatshirt. (Shhh, don’t tell my Celtics hoodie.) I’ve worn this sweatshirt so much more than it appears on the blog and have found that there really is no occasion not to wear a cutoff sweatshirt adorned with a sequins heart.

The first outfit is probably my favorite of the three. I wore it out to brunch with my boyfriend on a lazy Sunday afternoon. It was the first time I layered the sweatshirt over a button down, and I was immediately smitten with the notion (as evident in look three). It’s also rare that I venture into the DIY world (other than nail art, of course), so I was also rather proud of the deconstructed jeans. And while I feel like a douchebag saying it, this outfit just felt very cool to me. There, I said it. 

An Oxford And A Sweatshirt

This outfit is from Valentine’s Day, and I needed to wear something that would transition from the office to night. I love the combination of (faux) leather pleats and a sweatshirt.  Actually, this one would be perfect for the recent cool, summer weather in San Francisco. Ditch the tights and change into sandals, and it’s a new look! (One I just might have to wear soon.)

A Sequined Sweatshirt

The last outfit felt a bit sophisticated (as far as sweatshirts go) thanks to classic black skinnies and pointy toe heels. The polka dots on this silk button down and a subtle pop of neon fit the playful vibe of the sweatshirt but in a way that didn’t feel juvenile. I like to think of this one as “the classy sweatshirt”. 

A Sophisticated Sweatshirt

Do you have a favorite? Styling advice for next time? 


d.h.e.r. said...

What an great sweatshirt. I love how the bottom of the heart sticks down below the sweat. My favorite look is definitely the first one. Grey, cream and light blue make for an awesome colour combo!

sartorialsidelines said...

Yay, my favorite top make a reappearance and gets a whole post dedicated to it! I love you shirt.

Courtney ~

Angie said...

Hell yes! I am so happy you bought this sweatshirt. I like all 3 looks, but I do admit that the 3rd is my favorite. Also, I miss your hair this color...But I will take that farse of you being sugary sweet for a half a second longer.

Sahra said...

LOVE that sweater and each look is cute!

XO Sahra

Eli said...

Great mixing and matching, that sweater just keeps getting more awesome!

Sweet Laundry said...

The sweatshirt over the button down is fantastic. I especially like the look with the black skinny jeans and pointy toe heels because it just goes to show that a sweatshirt is no longer something you wear around the house. I'm sure you could find a way to sophisticate the Celtics hoodie too :)

Anthea said...

the 3rd look is my favourite and OMG I've never seen such a top anywhere before! this is absolutely sick!
would you like to follow each other?

Adelle said...

I like the last outfit the best!

classy shirts said...

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