Lightning Bolt Manicure

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Essie Cascade Cool // Sephora by OPI Queen of Everything
When I spied this manicure on Nailside, I knew I’d try it at some point though I actually didn’t intend to do so last weekend. Having learned from many manicure disasters, I decided to pass on the initial design after just one nail. I had no interest in starting the week with bare nails (gasp!), so I went with something I knew I could do. It was easy enough but I had forgotten how annoying it could be to use tape. There’s always that little bit of polish that somehow gets under the tape, resulting in slightly imperfect lines. I think next time I try this manicure I’ll free hand it instead. Do you use tape to apply designs? Any tips?

And, the winner of two bottles of Zoya nail polish is Nnenna of Star-crossed Smile! Thanks to everyone who entered and to Verve 360 Pittsburgh hair salons for partnering with me on this giveaway!


sartorialsidelines said...

Ack - that's straight up amazing! I'd move to see it in black and silver, totally 80s.

Courtney ~

A Stylized Hysteria said...

I love the color combination! I took off my fake nails a month ago and my real nails promptly broke off. They're almost long enough for me to start doing nail art again, yay!

For tape manicures, I wait as long as possible before putting the tape on. Like, paint the first coat in the morning and go back around 3 or 4pm and finish the design. It's the only way I've been able to avoid pulling up polish with the tape.

Amanda Weiss said...

Santinaaaaaa you are freaking killing me with all these amazing manis! I have had NO time to have fun with mine and have been stuck with plain old polish...of the same color...all all my fingers. BOO!! This is so badassss!! LOVE!

<3 Amanda


Nnenna said...

Your nails look really great! You're always inspiring me to try new manicures!

Also, can't believe I won- yippee! Thanks SO much! :D

VivaciouslyFabulous said...

I love this look it takes me back, and reminds me of Jem! Truly outrageous!

hoyt said...

work of art!

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