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American Apparel Neon Violet // Sally Hansen Snappy Sorbet

It's time for another manicure post, which means we've made it through another week - happy Friday! (Raise your hand if you've been waiting for Friday ever since Monday.) I had plans for a more intricate manicure, but the truth is that I usually do my nails on Sunday and it just so happened that summer reappeared in San Francisco last Sunday. Such occasions call for soaking up the sun and drinking beer in the Panhandle, which is exactly what I did. When I finally resolved myself to making my way indoors, I opted for something simple and quick and just painted my nails with the neon purple color. Having learned from many disasters caused by applying tape to paint that wasn't completely dry, I waited until the next day to apply the triangles.

This was the first time I tried American Apparel polish, and I really liked it. I also snagged a neon yellow color, which I plan to use next time. Is there any polish you're obsessed with right now?


sartorialsidelines said...

I really want to try out those American Apparel polishes - I love the neon yellow that they carry.

Courtney ~

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