Pleats, Straps, And Spots

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Shirt: Zara
Skirt: Burberry (a gift)
Tights: Betsey Johnson (Nordstrom Rack)
Shoes: Chelsea Crew (Shoe Biz)
Ring: Surface To Air (Shotwell)
Headband: Nordstrom
Bag: L.A.M.B. (Nordstrom Rack)

How this skirt came into my possession is a somewhat hilarious story. You see, quite a few months ago, Erin sent me a link to this skirt. Everything - the leather straps, the schoolgirl vibe, the label (Burberry is one of her absolute favorites) - screamed "Erin!!!" to me. When I bought the skirt as a holiday gift for Erin shortly after, I had no idea that when she sent that link, she was actually testing me as she intended to buy it for me. Well, imagine our surprise when we both found this skirt among the other gifts we exchanged. Yes, the identical skirt! Funny, right?

I was weary of this skirt's potential to go a little too naughty schoolgirl, and I think I succeeded in avoiding that. The first step in keeping this classy was choosing the right shoes - wedges are much tamer than a stiletto so my new lace up wedges were the easy choice. I took a conservative approach with my top, going with a button down, but opted for one with a fun Dalmatian print. When it came to accessories, I kept it minimal except for a ring and a patent leather headband, which I admit looked a bit juvenile...maybe I couldn't resist just a touch of schoolgirl after all.


Courtney Thomas said...

i love this on you  - every single piece is fantastic and they all look perfect with each other. And love the skirt exchange story. I was finally able to visit a Nordstrom Rack in Chicago this weekend before flying home from my conference and I picked up a super cute top! See, you've inspired me.

Courtney ~

Princeton Eats Portland said...

What a perfect outfit!  I love it.  I hope I can look half as cute for you on Friday.

A Stylized Hysteria said...

The headband is the perfect touch actually- it keeps you from looking too serious. And that story is hilarious!

terramcbride said...

Twinsies! Great skirt. I agree, you successfully avoided the little school girl vibe.

Adiel said...

Oh my gosh! I love that you guys bought each other the same thing. And this skirt is way too good. I want it!

Maria said...

YOU ARE SO FREAKING ADORABLE I CAN'T TAKE IT!!!! I want this outfit. Head to toeeeee.


Terri said...

It's a beautiful blouse.

Sweetlaundry said...

True besties buy eachother the exact same gift. Hilarious! I love how you styled this skirt, it doesn't look schoolgirl at all. The headband was a great choice!

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