Week in Photos: Lucha Libre 2

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If you follow me on Twitter, you might remember that I recently went to another Lucha Libre. After sharing photos and a video from the last wrestling match I attended, I was hesitant to dedicate another post to Mexican wrestling (hilarious as it may be), but when I took a quick Twitter poll to gauge interest, I was quickly reassured that there was definite interest in seeing more.

And because the dancing was even better this time (hard to imagine, I know), I had to share not one but two short videos. Seriously, can you imagine being this girl? (Warning: Some would consider this NSFW!)

(Once again, I apologize for not being steadier with the camera. As you might imagine, this rather unexpected dance-off caused quite a ruckus, and I was nearly knocked out of my chair a few times!)

It's Days Like These

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April 26, 2011

Tank: Michael Stars (Nordstrom)
Skirt: Forever 21
Belt: J. Crew
Necklace: a gift
Sunglasses: Forever 21
Shoes: DV by Dolce Vita (Urban Outfitters)

Yup, this skirt…again. I bought it on a last minute trip to Forever 21 right before I left Portland, and I’ve worn it way more than I thought I would. It’s perfect for a hot day, and it has an elastic waistband. What’s not to love? For a warm night spent with friends in a secret margarita garden, munching on chili rellenos (again, love the elastic waist), I paired it with a simple tank, a studded belt, and my “Cow Hugger” necklace.

And, yes, you read that correctly: secret margarita garden. This town is tiny; I really thought I knew every place that was mixing up margaritas. I was wrong. I’ve been missing out on the best place in town for the last eight months! The menu was impressive; favorites around the table included grapefruit basil, tamarind chili, and pineapple chili but I’ll be back to try more. Fear not, friends. For me, a good drink can often compensate for what may be lacking in ambience, but the garden was just as beautiful as the drinks were tasty and to top it all off there were dogs and cats everywhere. Surrounded by friends, belly full and a purring kitty in my lap, I couldn’t help but think, “man, I’m going to miss living in Mexico”.

Get dressed already!

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April 24, 2011

Shirt: Forever 21
Shorts: H & M
Necklace: Clyde’s Rebirth
Sandals: DV by Dolce Vita (Urban Outfitters)

Hey there! Remember me? Yeah, I know. I’ve been slacking with outfit posts. Truth be told, I haven’t really been getting dressed much, which isn’t to say I’ve been wandering around naked. It’s just that when I’m not scouring the internet for jobs and apartments, I’m soaking up as much beach time as possible and bikini pics aren’t really my thing. Determined to get back on track, I left the beach while there was still some light left to the day and quickly got ready for outfit photos followed by dinner at my favorite restaurant in town. To reward my efforts, Mother Nature turned the beautifully sunny day into a slightly overcast, extremely humid evening. Thanks.

While I will be happy to give the clothes I brought with me a long rest when I’m joyously reunited with my closet (not to mention my penchant for shopping), I do not see myself saying goodbye to these shorts any time soon. I love them. Last time I wore them with soft neutrals, so this time I went in a darker direction with this black asymmetrical hem tee, which is kept feminine by the lace inset along the shoulders and back. The neckline begged for a fabulous necklace, and my Clyde’s Rebirth choker was the obvious choice. I finished off the look with a studded pair of black sandals but really I was longing for heels. Ah, heels…soon enough.

You Asked, I Answered: Part 3

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Would you have moved alone if you didn’t have the boyfriend there for support? 

Hmmm, that’s a tough one. I’ve been with my boyfriend for so long that it’s hard to imagine making life decisions without him. I can't say whether I would have moved specifically to Mexico, but I’d like to think that I still would have experienced life in another country. I definitely have the travel bug and it just so happens that I’m fortunate to have a partner who not only shares my love of travel but is also my perfect travel companion.

How and how much did you pare down your closet?

It was with a heavy heart that I packed up at least 95% of my closet. It took way longer than it should have because I stopped to take a trip down Memory Lane with every other piece I packed. To avoid emotional decisions, I stuck to the following criteria:

Anything requiring dry cleaning was out. There is no dry cleaner in town. If I don’t want something to be washed in cold water with heavily perfumed detergent, then I’m doing it by hand.

If I would be heart broken if something happened to it, I safely tucked it away in storage. Given that our (first) house was broken into a few weeks after we moved here, this was even wiser than I realized at the time. (Of course, I didn’t fully stick with this one and my heart was definitely broken when my Marc watch necklace as stolen.)

When it came to shoes, heels were out. Having visited Sayulita a few times before, I knew it wasn’t a heel friendly town. Not only is it really casual, but also cobblestone and sand, combined with bad ankles, are a recipe for disaster. I allowed myself two pairs of wedges, and I’ve maybe worn each pair twice. 

What line of work are you in?

I’ll admit that I deliberately delayed answering this one because I knew the time when I’d have to remind myself of the 9-to-5 life was just around the corner. But, having spent the last week or so updating and streamlining my resume, the job search begins! Aside from the six months spent teaching English in Taiwan, my entire career has been in the energy efficiency industry, starting out in program implementation before moving into Information Technology. As for what I want to do when I settle in San Francisco, I really don’t know! My job search is all over the place, from fashion to software development to energy efficiency. It will be interesting to see where I land!

What's the one item you're most looking forward to reuniting with?

Hands down, my shoes.

What is the one thing you will miss most about Sayulita?

There are many things I’ll miss about Sayulita but I think it’s the carefree beach lifestyle that I’ll miss most. I’m convinced that everyone’s happier at the beach; even dogs seem to be perpetually smiling while running around in the sand. From growing up in Rhode Island to island hopping in Southeast Asia, some of the best memories I have are from time spent at a beach. I’ll always look back on this time fondly; my days are free of responsibility and months silently slip away in a blur of happy days spent in the sun with my love.

And that, friends, is the last of the questions I received. Thank you so much for your interest in my time in Mexico! 

(In case you missed them, here are parts one and two of You Asked, I Answered.)

Santina and Marley As Morgan and Lua

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April 16, 2011

Shirt: H&M
Scarf: Zac Posen for Target
Shorts: Gap
Shoes: Sperry Top-Sider (Nordstrom Rack)
Sunglasses: Forever 21
Bag: Louis Vuitton (vintage)

This look was inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, Morgan from Morgan & Lua. To celebrate her blog’s one year anniversary, Morgan is ever so graciously offering up two beautiful necklaces, one to two lucky winners! To enter, all she asked for was a Morgan and Lua-esque post, so I started preparing Marley straight away for his role as Lua. Truth be told, this post has been a few weeks coming while he worked on his Lua face.

There were a few key elements to Morgan’s style that I wanted to incorporate: chambray, neutrals, at least one scarf, something vintage, and a boyishly preppy yet feminine aesthetic. Beyond the outfit, I wanted the photos to reflect Morgan’s relaxed style as I often admire how comfortable she appears in front of the camera, and, of course, I needed Marley to bat his pretty blue eyes and win mama a necklace. Speaking of Marley, the future stardom went straight to his head, and I spent most of the morning brushing him to be sure he was looking his very best. After much consideration, it was decided that he would go with a minimalist look (even though his blue harness and leash really bring out those blue eyes), and feeling rather pleased with his wardrobe choice, he spent the rest of the morning dozing in his kitty bed to be sure he was fresh faced for his big photo shoot. Something tells me Lua’s a bit more blasé about blogging.

Those of you who have read Style by Santina for a while (thanks for sticking with me!) might remember that way back in July I shared five of my favorite posts from the week, including a feature on Morgan & Lua from MouseVox Vintage. I fell in love with this photo and it still makes me smile every time I visit her blog, so I decided Marley and I would give it a try. What do you think? 

And here’s Marley’s money shot, the one snapped right after I told him to look into the camera and win me a necklace! How cute is he?

Week in Photos: Lucha Libre

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About a week ago, I attended my first Mexican wrestling match. The night was everything I expected: full of well rehearsed moves, hilarious theatrics, and cold cans of Modelo. It was also a night of surprises. Firstly, there was a lot of slapping, and I mean full on bitch slaps that never ceased to send me into hysterics. Then there was the final match, which commenced with the headlining wrestler entering the ring, carrying a box of 3-foot fluorescent tube lights. But, most surprising of all had to be the dancing.

(I apologize for the shakiness of this video. In my defense, it wasn’t easy to hold the camera in one hand and a Modelo in the other, while balancing a bag of popcorn covered in hot sauce in my lap.)

Sole Mates: Summer Lovin'

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Prada "Hovering" Sunglasses (available at Bloomingdale's)
MICHAEL Michael Kors Crossbody Bag (available at Nordstrom)
Joie Keely Tank (available at Bergdorf Goodman)
Rachel Roy Swing Skirt (available at Shopbop)

As my time in Mexico comes to an end, it would be far too easy for me to curl up into a ball (of stress) and wait for it all to be over. To counter that urge, I’m trying to keep myself balanced by reminding myself of the things to which I’m looking forward to…like shoes, both the ones I stored away and those I’ve yet to buy. I begrudgingly transitioned to only wearing flats, and I look forward to the days ahead of heels, heels, and more heels.

What better way to start the summer in a new city than with the perfect pair of neutral platform sandals? The wooden heel and gold grommets of this pair stole my heart, not to mention that the color would perfectly compliment my tan. Given that these would work with everything from wide leg jeans to light summer dresses, I think they’d pass my price-per-wear test with flying colors. And, speaking of colors, I decided to build a look around these shoes that reflected one of my favorite trends of this season: color blocking. With a bright pairing of a berry hued skirt and an orange tank, neutral accessories effortlessly anchor the look.

Beachy Keen

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April 11, 2011

Shirt: American Apparel
Shorts: Banana Republic
Shoes: DV by Dolce Vita (Nordstrom Rack)
Sunglasses: H&M
Hat: Gap

Remember when I bought this hat way back when and debated whether I would wear it anywhere other than the beach? As it turns out, I haven’t worn it at all since the day I bought it, but since I lugged it all the way to Mexico, I had to wear it at least once. As I stared at my rather messy (and slightly greasy) hair, I decided it was time. I built this look around the hat, striving for a classic beach look, easy but chic. A pink gingham button down, dark rinse denim shorts and chambray sandals perfectly fit the bill. I finished the look off with tortoise shell sunglasses in a classic shape.

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve already heard about this very orange nail polish. I’m on the fence about the color. I think my tan makes it slightly more acceptable than it would be against a milky complexion, but it still looks a little Halloween to me…and I really wanted Easter. When I headed to the nearest city (an hour by bus) with a list of items that I can’t buy here, one of the things I wanted most was a new nail color, like mint green, lavender, or pale yellow. I found none of these, and the best of the (limited) options seemed to be this orange. So, tell me: what do you think of this color?

Tamale Break

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April 8, 2011

T-shirt: J. Crew
Shorts: Forever 21
Shoes: Merona (Target)
Necklace: Forever 21

Taking outfit photos on this particular evening took a bit longer than usual, thanks to an overzealous security guard and my favorite vendor of tamales. Apparently the boyfriend and I are quite the suspicious pair; we drew the unwavering attention of a security guard for every single photo (and it takes a lot of photos for me to find a few that I like). As I so often do when I feel uncomfortable, I found myself laughing, only to then hear the security guard laughing. I’d laugh; he’d laugh; I’d laugh; he’d laugh…over and over again. Just as I thought I felt too awkward to carry on, along came the woman who sells my favorite tamales on the beach. Sure, I was on my way to dinner, and, yes, I had already eaten two tamales earlier in the day, but I couldn’t resist. I love tamales!

One Stop Shopper

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April 4, 2011

Sweater: H&M
Short: H&M
Necklace: Sloan Boutique (Portland, OR)
Sunglasses: Ray Bans
Sandals (not photographed): DV by Dolce Vita (Urban Outfitters)

Let me start out by declaring my love for this outfit: I love it. I bought these shorts and this sweater while I was visiting Portland at the end of February, and I’ve been anxiously awaiting the day I could wear it. Some of you may remember quite a bit of complaining I did the last few months about struggling with a tropical skin issue (ahhhh, life in the tropics isn’t just sun, waves and margaritas after all). My embarrassment of such a visible ailment held me back from wearing it immediately, but I am happy to say that while my skin isn’t perfect, it’s looking good enough to empower me to break free of my shrouds. When the boyfriend and I planned a date night, I knew what I was going to wear: this outfit.

I bought these pieces as an outfit, loving the mix of textures and ultra soft colors. I tried it on pretty much as you see it here except I was too lazy to take my black tights off and decided to throw on the booties I was wearing that day, just for fun. Let me tell you that the shorts looked adorable with tights and heels, so expect to see them that way once I find myself in the cooler temperatures of San Francisco. Actually, I’ve been daydreaming of all the ways I can remix these shorts both here and when I’m reunited with my closet in a few months. I hope you like them, because I think you’ll be seeing a lot of them.

It’s not often that I buy an entire look from one store, in one stop. I tend to see one piece that I have to have, knowing that I can easily work it into my closet or that I need to keep shopping. How about you? Are you a one stop shopper or do you like to spread the shopping fun?

Links á la Mode: Tech Roundup, April 5

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Fashion Bloggers & Social Media: The Perfect Match
Edited by Joanne Faith

Fashion bloggers are natural social media experts. Beyond our blogs, you’ll find us on Facebook and Twitter, some are on YouTube, as well as a plethora of other connected communities (IFB!). I am confident enough in our abilities to say that we know how to use social media (effectively) better than most, and I probably don’t need to tell you what a wonderful skill that is to have right now! Naturally, a few of things weeks links related to issues around social media and I expect the topic to crop up only more often in the future.

I am excited to be apart of the first round of editors for Links A La Mode: Tech, and absolutely thrilled to encourage the sharing of these skills amongst other fashion bloggers. We are definitely not a brainless bunch, and features like Links A La Mode: Tech only prove that even further!


You Asked, I Answered: Part 2

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How did your style change/adapt to life in Mexico?

My style changed quite drastically when I moved to Mexico. If you go through my archives, you’ll notice a few prominent elements that are now completely absent from my wardrobe: towering heels, fabulous bags, high maintenance hair, and very little repetition. My beach style is nothing if not casual, and I think I’ve also adopted a softer color palette, eschewing my go-to neutral, black, in favor of navy, gray and white. For me, life in a city is one of frequent shopping, but since moving I’ve only shopped once (and it was on my visa run to Portland) making it nearly impossible to incorporate new trends into my looks. Working with a limited, somewhat stale wardrobe has certainly been a challenge.

In a bigger sense, life in Mexico (and my travel experience in general) has taught me that sometimes it’s best to blend in. My transition to a less flashy, more minimal look has been a deliberate one. I came here for a new experience, a life in a small beach town in Mexico. No one else is parading around town in designer dresses and handbags, so why would I? Aside from screaming “I’m rich, come rob me!” it just seems so ostentatious…to the point of almost being tacky, in my opinion.

What's making you move back now?

There really isn’t any one thing that’s forcing my return to the States. When I moved to Mexico, I knew it would only be for anywhere between six to nine months. By the end, almost all of the money allotted for this break will have been spent and it’ll be time to replenish the funds.

How does the visa situation work out?

I came to Mexico under the impression that it was possible to extend the six-month tourist visa granted to US citizens upon landing. As the end of those six months approached, I began looking into the requirements for an extension only to find that it is impossible. The only option was to leave the country for seventy-two hours and be issued another six-month visa when I re-entered. While I didn’t plan for the expense, I can’t say that I didn’t enjoy my visa run. I spent a long weekend back in Portland, hanging out with good friends…and freezing my butt off!

Were you scared to peace out on your career?

My fear of leaving behind the security of a job (even one I hated) paralyzed me for longer than I’d like to admit. Like many others, I stayed in a job that made me unhappy for way too long. While I wanted a new job, I just didn’t have a job search in me, especially after a long day of work, followed by the gym, followed by…you get the point. I felt burnt out and started to think that quitting without another job in hand (something I always swore I’d never do) would be the only way I’d have time to really look for something better. Just around that time, my boyfriend and I decided to move to Mexico, leaving me with one option: to suck it up. So, when the time came to finally peace out on my job, I felt a huge sense of relief. 

Now that it’s time to look for jobs, I’m definitely conscious of the way some prospective employers may perceive my winter in Mexico. I’m also aware that it’s often much easier to find a job in the city in which one resides. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous, but, I took a chance and I definitely don’t regret it.

(Missed part one? Check it out here. Have a question for me? Leave it as a comment to this post or email me at stylebysantina@gmail.com!)

Keeping My Heart To Myself

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March 31, 2011

Dress: French Connection
Shoes: Merona (Target)
Sunglasses: Forever 21

There’s a very easy way to identify tourists versus those of us who live here: look at what a person is wearing. It’s not board shorts or flip flops that will give it away, but anything other than minimal clothing. This dress is a prime example. Sure, it’s a cotton dress with a cool, loose shape, but while I was wandering around in middle of the day sunshine in a dress with three quarter sleeves, nearly everyone else around me was wearing much less…and still sweating.

My choice of this dress was simple: after garnering quite a bit of attention the night before, I decided to cover my anatomical heart tattoo. I realize that I chose to get a tattoo in a very visible place and it’s only normal that people would want to talk to me about it, but people are often searching for a deeper meaning. It’s a heart…on my arm…my sleeve, if you will. That’s it. So, tell me: do you have any tattoos? Do you ever want to cover them just to avoid questions?

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