A Little Gift To Myself

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Sweater: Madewell
Dress (worn as skirt): Marc by Marc Jacobs
Tights: Hue (Nordstrom Rack)
Belt: H&M
Necklace: Sloan Boutique (Portland, OR)
Bracelet: c/o LYLIF
Watch: Michael Kors (Nordstrom)
Ring: BCBG Max Azria
Shoes: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Bag: Mercules (ModCloth)

It is with no shame when I say I’m a big fan of to me/from me gifts. I originally planned to buy a new coat as a holiday gift to myself, but then it went on sale and sold out before I knew it. After that, I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted…until I saw that there was a sale on shoes in all Marc stores, and then I knew. I had my eye on this pair of stacked heel oxfords for a while, and I was thrilled to find that there was one pair left in my size. I also snagged a pair of silver mouse flats (seen here) while I was at it - happy holidays to me! What about you? Did you pick up something special for yourself this year?

(And, I acknowledge that I’m looking a bit tired in these photos. Truth is: I was. The holidays are a fun but hectic time and I took these photos before work. I was only half awake at best.)


Anikasmom said...

Such a cute outfit- LOVE the sweater!
I think we all need To Me/From Me gifts from time to time :)

sartorialsidelines said...

Love the shoes -- I ordered a few things from ModCloth as a gift to myself this year but they still have not arrived...

xoxo ~ Courtney

Frannie Pantz said...

You lucky little duck you!  These oxfords are great!  I don't get to shop for me for Christmas because I spend all my money on my kiddos, but if I could, I would buy myself these shoes for sure!

What Would a Nerd Wear said...

i love the subtle pattern mix of sweater and skirt--and the pattern is beyond rad on the skirt.
yay for bay area friends, by the way! elisabeth (mission closet) and i went to school together and i'm always chuffed to see your photos together.


I always adore your skirts.
have a wonderful Christmas, Santina

Amanda W. said...

Aww what a great gift to yourself! I went on a little me-spree this week too- came home with a faux fur bag, total impulse buy but I HAD to have it. :-) Shucks!

Looking fabulous per usuuual!

Amanda <3

Adiel said...

I love this sweatering technique! I must steal it!

Santina said...

Absolutely - everyone deserves a treat!

Santina said...

Ohhhh can't wait to see what you bought!

Santina said...

Well I am sure they appreciate it! I appreciate everything my mom did for me so much more as an adult. I don't know how she did it - I can barely take care of myself!

Hope the holidays treated you well, Frannie!

Santina said...

Thank you! 

And, yes, SF bloggers are awesome! It's always fun seeing Elisabeth!

Santina said...

Thank you! 

Santina said...

Awww thanks, Amanda! Happy you bought yourself a few gifts, too!

Santina said...

It's yours - take it! :)

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