Running Impala In The Rain

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Top: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Skirt and Belt: Vince Camuto (Nordstrom)
Tights: Hue (Nordstrom Rack)
Shoes: Seal Of The Sutro (Shoe Biz)
Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs (Nordstrom)
Bracelets: Marc by Marc Jacobs and Stella & Dot
Watch: Michael Kors (Nordstrom)

I’m a firm believer in the “look good, feel good” philosophy, and I was feeling pretty damn good as I left my apartment in this outfit. You know that feeling when you just adore what you have on and think absolutely nothing could ruin your day? Well, that is exactly how I felt on this morning but I could not have been anymore wrong. I guess if I’m going to have a really bad day, I might as well look good, right?

Sometimes I wake up knowing exactly what I want to wear; other days I pensively stare into my closet, coffee in hand, waiting for something to call to me. I knew I wanted to wear this shirt from the moment I opened my eyes. It is definitely one of my absolute favorites and it had been a while since I wore it last. The outfit came together quickly thanks to a few of my favorite fall purchases. Of course, I didn’t realize it was going to rain when I got dressed; a chiffon skirt would not have been my first choice had I checked the weather report, so please ignore those spots!


Frannie Pantz said...

Aw man!  I hope your day improves/improved!  Love the great print on this shirt and the skirt is so pretty!

Courtney Thomas said...

I love this on you! That top is so cute and the skirt is great (I'm a sucker for anything grey).

xoxo ~ Courtney

Sweet Laundry said...

I hate bad days :( At least your outfit rocked. I will never get tired of this skirt and the print on that blouse is fantastic!

Eli said...

It's hard to cheer up when it's gloomy and rainy, keep your head up :) Did you get a chance to match your impala blouse with the impala nails yet?!

Gaby said...

omg i have total blouse envy.

Everythingprettygirls said...

I love this top... the print is AWESOME! You look great! 


Emily {tomorrow never knows} said...

love this top so much and that spiky bracelet, its pretty and bad ass at the same time

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