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Hey guys! As you likely know by now, I left Mexico after nine sunny months and am now in San Francisco - talk about a drastic change! Finding an apartment and job can be a bit stressful, so I am ever so relieved to have some amazing guest posts lined up to keep you entertained over here on Style by Santina. Please give these ladies a warm welcome, and if you like what you see here, be sure to click through and check out their blogs!

Hi readers of Style by Santina! I'm Clare of Between Laundry Days, and I'm thrilled to be sharing a post with you while Santina transitions back to life in the U.S. One thing I love about reading Santina's blog is hearing about her fabulously laid-back lifestyle in Mexico. While Chicago is no sleepy beach town, it does know how to keep things awesome in the summertime, so I thought I'd share a post on how I spent my Memorial Day weekend in the city.

Drinking Jarritos in the park with a fabulous view of the city and wiggling my toes in the fresh spring grass.

Reading The Name of the Rose and admiring the twinsies sunbathers soaking up the first truly hot day of the year (aren't these two hilarious?!).

Transitioning downtown for picnic #2 at Millennium Park. Free outdoor concerts all summer, and you don't even have to hide your wine!

Finishing up the cheese and wine, appreciating being able to go shoeless almost all weekend, and taking in spectacular views of the city as the sun sets behind the skyscrapers.

Okay team, that's my long holiday weekend in the city! I hope you enjoyed the post. Thanks to Santina, of course, for inviting me to guest post. I can't wait to keep reading as she transitions back into city life (though I'll miss those spectacular beach photos!!).


BetweenLaundryDays said...

Hey, c'est moi! :)

Thanks again for asking me to post, Santina! I hope you're settling in nicely to your new digs.

Metsy Corter said...

Ah how I miss being able to sit outside and enjoy the sun... too hot here to stand outside for more than a few minutes. Thank you for transporting me away for a few minutes! :)

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