Sole Mates: Spring in My Step

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 After a few weeks of featuring towering heels, I thought it was time to take it back down to some even ground with these fresh Forever 21 oxfords. The floral print not only makes these a perfect choice for spring but also adds a delicate feminine touch to this menswear inspired style. To build a look around these beauties, I would pair this dreamy tulle skirt with a faded denim shirt and a masculine belt.

And for under $25, how can you resist starting spring with some flowers on your feet?


Collette Osuna said...

Love the cute little shoes!! My Daughter works at F21..nuff said, hahahaha:)

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Kristy said...

Great pairing! All pieces go perfectly well with each other and I would wear them in a heartbeat. Look at that skirt! SO PERFECT!!!

this free bird said...

Would you that tulle mini?? Oh maaaaan I'm gonna be in big trouble now. I wish J.Crew would drop the prices just a tad!


the Citizen Rosebud said...

oof. I don't like shopping at F-21 but those shoes are so cuuuute I may reconsider.

You in the stripes and the green are classically Santana. I may dedicate an outfit post to you if I wear that combo. xo. Bella Q

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