Let's do this 2011!

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I’ve never really been one to make New Year’s resolutions. It always seemed to be a notion that would inevitably lead to disappointment. I’m not really good with general goals like “be healthier” or “read more”. I’m the kind of girl who likes to have discreet objectives that are easily measured, much like the ones you might find on my countless to-do lists. This year seems to be a good one to set a few goals for myself since I will spend the first half of 2011 here in Mexico without any real obligations. If I can’t do it now, when can I? When I move back to the US without a job or place to live? I doubt it; something tells me I’ll have bigger priorities.

In 2011, I resolve to…

Continue studying and speaking Spanish.
For me, immersion has always been the best approach to learning a language. I’m ashamed to admit that I spent years and years studying Italian and yet I find myself searching for the right words when I now try to speak it. What once came naturally to me is lost because I simply did not keep up with it. I’m determined to not do the same with Spanish. Working in a restaurant in which all but two people speak nothing but Spanish has proved to be invaluable: I’m forced to speak Spanish. Continuing to advance my Spanish while here in Mexico won’t be the hard part, keeping it up after I return to the US will but I refuse to let all that I’ve learned so far slip away.

Maintain a consistent fitness routine. Working out is as important to my mental health as it is my physical health, and yet I often allow myself to fall into lulls of inactivity. There always seems to be two or three times a year that I go a few weeks without going to the gym, and it seems I always convince myself that I have a good excuse. I get a tattoo and the artist recommends I avoid sweating profusely for a week or so…well, I give myself three weeks. Or work leaves me mentally exhausted and even though I know a good sweat will energize me, I allow myself to go home and watch trashy reality TV all night. Or I simply don’t make exercise a priority and find myself hitting up happy hours night after night. For me, sticking to a fitness routine requires a schedule, and sometimes I begrudge the feeling of obligation that comes along with a schedule. This year I will stick with it, knowing that consistent exercise is not only good for my body but also my mind.

Stop sweating the small stuff. I can admit that I sometimes struggle with stress management. While it’s been easy to lead an almost entirely stress-free life here in Mexico, facing the pressures of returning to the US and finding a job and apartment will certainly bring on a decent amount of stress. This year I’m going to try to go against my natural tendency to freak out about everything and discern those things worthy of stressing over and those that I just need to let go. This will certainly be the most difficult resolution for me, but I think it’s also the most important.

Here’s to a healthy, happy, and Spanish speaking 2011!


Grit and Glamour said...

Great goals! Happy 2011...I know you're going to ace that Spanish!


Tashrin said...

Your goals are perfect....they echo the kind of definitiveness I like to see in the goals I set. I would love to experience your journey alongside you.

On another note this is my first time on your blog and as I'm acquainting myself with your site I would love for us to stay in touch via google/ facebook/ twitter.

Please let me know how you feel about that and look forward to hearing from you


Tashrin - A Toronto based personal style blog

jemina said...

Hi darling, wonderful resolutions dear, I'm sure you can achieve all of them darling!!!!


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