A pig, a screaming lady, roses and me

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June 29, 2010

Shirt: American Apparel
Jeans: Rich & Skinny (Nordstrom)
Shoes: Banana Republic
Ring: Sloan Boutique, Portland
Bag: Coach (Nordstrom)
Sunglasses: Chanel (Chanel on Newbury St. Boston)

Finding the right clothing to cover my healing tattoo is more challenging than expected. I have to admit that, as dramatic as it may sound, I feel rather oppressed when my outfit options are constrained, and right now, I need to cover my arm at least to my elbow. I guess, for once, I can appreciate the cooler weather here in Portland; it sounds like just about everywhere else in the country is facing sweltering temperatures which would make wearing longer sleeves completely unbearable.

This shirt was perfect because since it’s a men’s shirt the sleeves are cut looser than many of my other shirts. I love the delicate pink gingham print, especially paired with my light wash boyfriend jeans. The woven wedges make these shoes feel fresh despite being black. I finished it off with cheery accessories: my rather photogenic pig ring and my screaming (or is she laughing?) lady bag. And, while this outfit could be perceived as a bit boyish, I actually felt nothing but feminine in it.

What makes you feel the most feminine? For me, it’s a tie between mini dresses with hot heels and (unsurprisingly) menswear looks…although I think it all depends on exactly how hot the heels are...

Dreaming in blue

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June 28, 2010

Dress: French Connection (French Connection on Newbury St. Boston)
Necklace: Marc by Marc Jacobs (Nordstrom Rack)
Shoes: Sam Edelman (Nordstrom)
Ring: BCBG Max Azria
Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs (Marc on Newbury St. Boston)

While scouring my closet for something that would loosely cover my new tattoo, I remembered this dress and thought the length of the sleeves would be perfect. After digging around a bit, I concluded that it was not in my closet so the search began. I found it in a pile of clothes (with a few other forgotten gems) that I washed after returning from my last trip to Mexico. Realizing something is not in my closet almost always leads to an exasperated search for said item. I am going to be honest: I have piles of clothes and stacks of shoe boxes all over my house. My closet is not even close to adequate, and being the kind of person who likes to see all her options at all times, I need to be…creative…about storage.  A lack of closet space has plagued me for several years and has even forced a move out of an apartment that I adored (my boyfriend grew tired of tripping over shoe boxes). Of course, every girl dreams of the kind of closet that Big builds Carrie in the first SATC movie, but I don’t see that happening soon. Does anyone have any closet tips? I can’t seem to bring myself to spend a lot of money on organizing my closet when that money would be so much better spent filling my closet!

The colors and abstract pattern of this dress always bring to mind images of the ocean. The loose shape and soft jersey material make this dress one of my most comfortable, and I adore almost any dress with pockets. I decided to accessorize with varying shades of blue, adding navy blue flats, my blue patent bag, and a chunky teal necklace. In retrospect, I think I should have added a pop of yellow or lime green rather than dressing almost entirely in blue. Perhaps my Monday Blues were back? Or maybe I was just daydreaming about the beach?  

Be still my heart

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June 25, 2010

Striped Tank: Trouvé (Nordstrom Rack)
Black Tank: Express
Jeans: Rich & Skinny (Nordstrom)
Shoes: Nine West
Necklace: Marc by Marc Jacobs (a gift)
Bracelet: Marc by Marc Jacobs (Marc on Newbury St. Boston)
Bag: Treesje (Nordstrom)
Tattoo: Melanie Nead (Icon Tattoo Studio, Portland)

This day crept up on me after months of anxiously awaiting its arrival. When I met with the lovely Melanie Nead of Icon Tattoo for a consultation, it came as no surprise that I would have to wait for my anatomical heart tattoo and it was certainly worth the wait. I am absolutely in love with my new tattoo!

Going into the appointment, I was quite anxious; putting all my trust in a complete stranger to put something so very permanent on my skin is nerve wracking. Luckily for me, I was in very good hands. The studio itself is very soothing with lots of natural light (with actual sunlight pouring in) and a very pretty aesthetic reinforced by the very pretty, almost entirely female, staff. Once I settled in, lying on my stomach, we began and all anxiety drifted out the window. Melanie was swift and confident with her strokes and I found myself more relaxed than I ever thought possible, almost dozing off at points. About three hours later, I was the proud owner of this beautiful heart.

When it came time to choose an outfit for this day, I was all about comfort and, knowing that the tattoo would be placed on my arm, I wanted it to be easily accessible. Boyfriend jeans and layered tanks were perfect, with my favorite necklace for luck. We didn’t take any actual outfit pictures on this day, but that’s fine by me; the outfit wasn’t really the focus…

Sun, glorious, sun!

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June 24, 1010

Dress: a 3 + 1 (Sloan Boutique, Portland)
Shoes: Banana Republic
Bracelet: Tasha (Nordstrom)
Sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs (Marc on Fillmore St. San Francisco)
Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs (Nordstrom)

The warm spell continues and it is truly intoxicating! Before living in the Northwest, I completely underestimated the impact of going months without sun; it’s just unnatural and extremely depressing. One could argue that it makes the return of the sun that much better, but I think it’s more accurate to say that the weather dichotomy here in Portland has made me bipolar. I am so down in the winter and so high in the summer; it’s an emotional roller coaster! Having a tendency to dress how I feel, my style is also a bit bipolar. I spend most of the winter in black and gray, boots and studs, and tons of layers, but in summer I am all about dresses, colors, and playful looks.

I started out my day wearing my denim blazer over this dress, but by the time of these pictures, it was much too warm to continue wearing it. I think this dress is really flattering; the fitted bodice paired and flirty ruffles are perfect for disguising my hips and the short hemline is leg lengthening. It is the print of this dress that really makes me love it. The pixelated floral print is only discernible from a short distance, so it’s a bit unexpected. I kept it simple with the accessories: black patent bag, black wedges and sunglasses with a pop of pink on my arm.

These shots were taken on the way to a happy hour in honor of a friend’s birthday. It was the perfect evening for sitting on an outdoor patio having a few drinks and many laughs with friends. Whether the winter makes the summer that much better is debatable, but one thing is certain: when the sun does come back, I have to take advantage of it!

Pretty in the Park

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June 23, 2010

Cardigan: Halogen (Nordstrom)
Dress: J. Crew
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell (freepeople.com)
Ring: BCBG Max Azria
Bag: Marc Jacobs (Nordstrom Rack)

The warm spell went straight to my head and I dizzily put together this outfit, which was unusually sweet for me. After what feels like the longest winter I’ve experienced in Portland, I am deliriously happy about sunny days in the high seventies and wanted to wear something fresh.

I bought this dress a few weeks back and could not wait to wear it, but since I refused to wear tights with it, this was my first opportunity to do so. When I first saw this dress, I actually thought it was a romper and was a little disappointed, but I find bubble hems to be delightfully frivolous despite not being the most flattering. I wanted to keep the rest of the outfit as soft and feminine as the colors and print of the dress, so I added my lavender cardigan and nude patent oxfords. Deciding on a bag was easy; I loved the colors of this bag paired with the lavender cardigan when I wore it last.

Fearing the all consuming gray will return and throw me into the depths of depression, I plan to take full advantage of the warm weather. It’s so fun to finally dig into my spring and summer clothes. I love when the seasons change and my clothes feel new again, and I’m having fun reacquainting myself with my spring and summer wardrobe. I see lots of dresses (without tights!) in my future…

Military Jacket Remix

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June 22, 2010

Jacket: UO (Urban Outfitters)
Dress: Diane von Furstenberg (Nordstrom Rack)
Shoes: BCBGGirls (Nordstrom)
Necklace: BCBG Max Azria
Rings: Marc by Marc Jacobs (Marc on Newbury St. Boston)
Bag: See by Chloe (gift from my boyfriend)
Sunglasses: Ray Ban (Saks)

Now that the NBA finals are over, I can bring purple back into my life albeit begrudgingly. I mean, did this lovely DVF dress have anything to do with the miserable loss of my beloved Celtics? No, I don’t think so.

I put this look together while trying to decide on an outfit for the What I Wore safari chic style challenge. It didn’t make the cut that day, but I knew I would break it out as soon as it was warm enough for bare legs. Everywhere I look lately I see dresses styled with military jackets, and I needed to get in on that. I’m quite pleased with my first attempt and already have ideas for next time.

I love the bold print of this dress, and like all things DVF, it is flattering and amazingly comfortable. Seriously, this outfit could not be more comfortable...well, maybe yesterday’s outfit was more comfortable, but it’s a close call. I really like the purple paired with the green of the military jacket, and olive shades feel like a much fresher neutral than my go to black. The sleeves were still rolled from last time I wore this jacket, and I liked that the three quarter sleeves of the dress were exposed. For accessories, I was all about metallics: a mixed metallic layered chain necklace (a favorite that I haven’t worn in a while), silver, spiky rings and my metallic See by Chloe bag.

The sun came out and we finally got a taste of summer (although more like spring), but sadly, it’s not here to stay. I can’t stand the thought of the rain and gray coming back but until then I’m just going to ride out this Vitamin D high…

True Colors

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June 21, 2010

Jacket: Alexander McQueen for Target
Shirt: BCBG Max Azria
Pants: Theory (Nordstrom Rack)
Shoes: Steven by Steve Madden (Nordstrom)
Necklace: Marc by Marc Jacobs (gift from a friend)
Bangles: Express and See by Chloe (Nordstrom Rack)
Sunglasses: Ray Ban (Saks)
Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs (gift from my boyfriend)

For quite some time I admired harem pants from a distance all the while thinking they would look completely absurd on me. Luckily for me, I will try on anything and ended up with this pair!

I honestly love nothing more than a black and white outfit; I especially love black and white stripes. For me, acclimating to life in the Northwest meant embracing wearing black, and before I knew it, a once vibrant wardrobe was now almost entirely black and white. I’m pretty sure I only wore black and white for months straight the winter before last until I forced myself to bring some color back…but sometimes I just can’t fight it!

I was comfortable in this outfit in every sense: not only did I feel like I was in pajamas all day but this outfit is totally reflective of my personal style and to an extent my personality. I am a very black and white person; there is no gray. I am straight to the point, no ambiguity here, and I don’t think it’s by coincidence that I am most comfortable in black and white. I added a few pops of color with my accessories, including an armful of bangles and a purse with neon pink accents, and then a little more black with my favorite (watch) necklace and Ray Ban sunglasses. I finished it off with a very well loved pair of open toe booties. I love this outfit.

What do your favorite clothes say about you?

Safari Chic: Take Two

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June 19, 2010

Jacket: UO (Urban Outfitters)
Shirt: Trouvé (Nordstrom)
Jeans: J. Crew
Shoes: Cynthia Vincent for Target
Scarf (worn as belt): BCBG Max Azria
Bracelet: H & M (San Francisco)
Ring: BCBG Max Azria
Bag: Louis Vuitton (My mom)

This is my look for the What I Wore Safari Chic Style Challenge. Having recently found myself wearing something that I considered safari chic, I wanted to take this challenge as an opportunity to find a new way to wear this trend.

I recently pulled this military jacket out of a storage container from what feels like a past life. It has a detachable hood, and I much prefer this jacket without it. I love a classic white button down. I honestly think I could wear one every day and never feel bored because they’re so versatile. This one is a boyfriend cut and pairing it with a boxy jacket prompted me to anchor it with a belt. I've worn this pink leopard print scarf many times but never thought to wear it as a belt before. I think I will try to find new ways to wear scarves once if summer comes to Portland.

To finish it off, I added my Louis Vuitton bag because its classic print seems to evoke a utilitarian quality that fits the jacket. And, of course, my Cynthia Vincent for Target wedges…because if I was on a safari I would definitely want to wear five inch wedges.

This won't be my last attempt at safari chic. In the process of deciding upon this outfit, I tried on a few others that I am excited to wear. I just need some warmer weather!

No hippie here!

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June 18, 2010

Cardigan: Express
Dress: Zac Posen for Target
Shoes: Rock & Republic (Gilt)
Necklace: Forever 21
Sunglasses: Ray Bans (Saks)
Bag: Treesje (Nordstom)

I will admit that I had no intention of being on trend if it meant wearing tie dye. I went to school in Vermont…I have seen enough tie dye for a lifetime. I didn’t need to see it when I looked in the mirror. That was until I tried on this t-shirt dress early on the Sunday morning that the Zac Posen for Target collection hit stores. I had yet to wear it, so with a forecast that included a break from the rain and temperatures around 70, I knew it was making its debut, and I knew it had to be anything but hippie.

It wasn’t quite sunny, but there was some light so I decided to wear my Ray Bans. My bangs were just trimmed, and I love the length with these sunglasses. With the sunglasses the dress felt a little more rock than jam band, so I added tougher accessories with studded shoes and bag and ran out the door.

I like these photos because you can see the tattoos on the inside of my wrists in each one. It wasn’t intentional, but it seems they made their way into every shot. They are the actual paw prints of my cat and dear friend whose time was cut much too short a few years ago, and it really feels like they belong exactly where they are.

Next week at this time I will have a new tattoo...I am giddy with excitement.

Don't fret, my pet.

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June 17, 2010

Blazer: Marc by Marc Jacobs (Nordstrom Rack)
Shirt: Marc by Marc Jacobs (Saks)
Jeans: Rich & Skinny (Nordstrom)
Belt: Betsey Johnson (Nordstrom Rack)
Shoes: Nine West
Bangles: Marc by Marc Jacobs (Nordstrom)
Rings: Marc by Marc Jacobs (Marc on Newbury St. Boston)
Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs (Nordstrom)

There was only one shirt that could do for the day of game seven of the NBA finals. Given the events of the last game, in which my Celtics suffered a demoralizing loss, I was a ball of anxiety about the game. Whenever I am feeling particularly stressed, I always reach for this shirt. I can’t look in the mirror and see Miss Marc’s adorable message of “Don’t fret my pet” without smiling, and it’s a good reminder for someone like me, who can usually find something to stress about. What can I say? I’m an anxious person!

While this shirt is mostly greenish, I was a little worried about the presence of purple as it is the color of the enemy (the Lakers). Truth be told, I like to throw my comfy purple cardigan on over this shirt, but as soon as I did, I gasped at the sight! Purple over green? Is that symbolic of a Celtics loss? I just couldn’t risk it and had to quickly find a replacement. I grabbed this jersey blazer without much thought and was rather pleased that I did. First of all, it feels like a sweatshirt! The attached vest gives it that signature Marc quirkiness that I adore and I love that with it buttoned, it looks like Miss Marc is peering out over it.

The rest of the outfit was made up of many of my go to’s: boyfriend jeans, bangles, a few rings piled up, and pointy toed black heels. I felt comfortable and confident all day and maybe even a little feisty with anticipation.

Sadly, game seven didn’t work out as well for the Celtics as this outfit did for me…but, I will remind myself of the wise words of Miss Marc: don’t fret.

7th grade Santina called...she wants her look back.

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June 16, 2010

Jacket: Juicy Couture (Nordstrom Rack)
Shirt: J. Crew
Jeans: J.Crew
Shoes: Coach (Nordstrom Rack)
Necklace: J. Crew
Ring: BCBG Max Azria
Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs (Marc on Newbury St. Boston)

This outfit is reminiscent of my preppy youth growing up on the east coast. I remember a far less chic version of this haircut around that time, as well; I cried the day I got it. I like to think I redeemed myself for those years with this adorable outfit. I am loving J. Crew right now. Suddenly the tried and true basics have been updated and given an edge. I am particularly enamored with their refined yet tough jewelry, especially the Fenton-Fallon line. I find myself once again identifying with the J. Crew girl. And with how quickly items move to the sale rack, I always feel like I’m getting a bargain!

I love the pale blue of this polished button down paired with the tangle of rhinestones, chains, and ribbons of this necklace. These skinnies have been in my rotation since the day I bought them; they are super comfy, and there is a slight sheen to the denim, which makes them look a bit fancier than your average denim. The fitted cut perfectly balances the length of the shirt. And, what else but ballet flats could finish off this sweet look?

While I know fashion history repeats itself, I really never thought I would return to my preppy roots. Have you surprised yourself with a throwback look?

A spring dress does not make a spring day

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June 14, 2010

Cardigan: BP (Nordstrom)
Dress: See by Chloe (Mercantile, Portland)
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell (freepeople.com)
Necklace: Marc by Marc Jacobs (Marc on Newbury St Boston)
Rings: Marc by Marc Jacobs (Marc on Newbury St Boston)
Sunglasses: Chanel (Chanel on Newbury St Boston)
Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs (Nordstrom)

In retrospect, I might have been a little ambitious when I chose this outfit in an attempt to will the weather from returning to rain and gray. Three days of sun and warm temperatures left me delusional; I actually thought summer would come to Portland. Monday came and slapped me back into reality.

Despite the moody Northwest weather, I was happy with my choice. I love this dress, and it was stowed away in my closet for far too long. The delicate print and soft pastel colors make it ladylike, but the short hemline keeps it youthful. I’ve never worn this dress with flats, but I have been dying to wear my nude patent oxfords with a dress. The nude color is not only leg lengthening but also perfectly fits the romantic vibe of the dress. I added a light layer with this gray cardigan; I love mixing neutrals right now, especially gray and nude.

To brighten up this subdued look, I added this bag, which looks much more red in these photos than it actually is (it’s more of a deep reddish orange). I couldn’t resist adding at least one tough element, and I achieved that with this necklace. At first glance it appears to be a simple charm necklace, but a closer look reveals a pirate sword, noose, and skull.

The brief taste of spring inspired me to reacquaint myself with my spring and summer wardrobe and I look forward to finding new ways to wear old favorites. Is there anything in your closet that you can’t wait to pull out for the first time this season?

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