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November 8, 2010

Shirt: Gap
Skirt: Gap
Shoes: Sperry Top-Sider (Nordstrom Rack)

Once again, I decided to snap a few photos on my way out the door to work. These were literally taken right outside my front door, on the palapa-covered patio. I haven’t mentioned how much I love the new house...I love it! One of my favorite parts is the patio, which also serves as the dining and living rooms. It’s incredibly refreshing to spend so much time outdoors after so many years of working in an office and living in rainy Portland! I feel like the only time I’m indoors is when I sleep (and maybe when I guiltily watch reruns of the original Beverly Hills 90210…just maybe).

I threw this look together quickly as I left the beach a little later than planned, cutting into my "getting ready" time. As I looked through the photos, I thought this outfit seemed familiar. Striped shirt, denim skirt and boat shoes? Hmmm...swap out this fitted denim skirt for this flirty one, and the looks are almost identical! Hey, why mess with a good thing?


Kristy said...

Cute boat shoes! They're the perfect mix of masculine and feminine vibes! :)


Cynthia said...

You are so tan! Glad that things have improved there and that you're having fun.

jemina said...

Darling, you always look Stunning.
I LOVE looking at your pics, you are so vibrant and lovely...

One day I hope we can meet :D

Enjoy your weekend sweetie


Rach said...

Your hair is so edgy and bold, I love it. It really works on you :]

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