Cold turkey

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Packing ninety nine percent of my personal belongings and moving from a city to a small beach town has been an easy transition. After putting my arctic college years behind me, I’ve spent quite a few years chasing the sun and a simpler life, which often leads me to a beach. I love beach life just as much as I love city life. My six years spent in Portland slipped by so silently it scares me. It’s all too easy to get sucked into the routine of a comfortable (even if not completely satisfying) life. Accepting things one doesn’t particularly like sometimes seems so much easier than dealing with what it would take to change them. Now that I’ve stepped away from that life and finally settled into my new one, I’ve had a chance to consider the last few months and process this experience.

One of the most glaring changes is that I haven’t shopped…at all…in three months! Three months! Before moving, going three days without shopping would have been an impossible feat. Yeah, yeah, my name is Santina and I’m addicted to shopping...except I quit, cold turkey (although I’m more than confident that my return to city living will resuscitate the addiction)! Up until now I haven’t felt too many pains of withdrawal, but the thought of Black Friday made me twitch a bit. I love Black Friday! Waking up early to shop? Yes, please. While I’ve resisted the growing temptation to shop online I did allow myself to pick out a look that would be perfect for a long day of Black Friday shopping. I prefer streamlined looks for serious shopping, and this one is full of comfortable, easy pieces perfect for scouring a city for bargains. 

Black Friday
[Sweater: Markus Lupfer ($480) available at  Net-a-Porter, Jeggings: J. Brand ($141.90) available at My Wardrobe, Shoes: Juicy Couture ($195) available at Neiman Marcus, Nail Polish: Deborah Lippmann ($20) available at Barneys, Sungalasses: Ray-Ban ($145) available at Nordstrom, Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs ($360) available at Net-a-Porter]

The keys to my easy shopping look:
•    A crewneck. I don’t want to deal with buttons or layers when I’m frantically trying on clothes, making a crewneck the best choice.
•    Leggings. I don’t know about you, but some of my jeans require a little extra finesse to get on, especially after the holidays. Leggings are much more forgiving, and since they’re very much like workout pants, it feels natural to sprint across a store for a prized bargain.
•    Flats. I need to be quick on my feet! Sales with limited hours bring out the competitor in me. (Not that I haven’t been known to chase down a bus in five inch heels…)
•    A cross body bag. I need to leave my hands free for all the shopping bags I’ll be carrying around! It also reduces the risk of putting my purse down somewhere and forgetting it in a euphoric shopping stupor. (Yes, I’ve done this before.)
•    Sunglasses. My Black Friday usually begins a little on the early side, especially after a day of excessive eating. While I usually drink coffee throughout the day, I like to hide behind a pair of sunglasses as much as possible.

What about you? Do you have a go to shopping look?


Elle Sees said...

I didn't shop today but i did wear this outfit almost exactly. i had just a striped black & grey long sleeve with everything u pictured. black shades. i love it!

jemina said...

OH YES for leggings, flats and sunglasses, I hope you're enjoying yourself in Mexico babe. Keep in touch :)


Finder said...

lovely babette

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