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October 25, 2010

Romper: Victoria’s Secret
Tank: Banana Republic
Necklace: Betsey Johnson (Nordstrom Rack)
Sandals: Gap

That’s right, I’m back! So much has happened since my last post; I don’t even know where to start! Obviously, we received our new camera (like, today), and I couldn’t wait to snap a few pics! As most of you know, the camera and laptop were stolen when our previous house was broken into, along with jewelry, sneakers, iPods, my makeup…yes, you read that correctly…even my makeup! Basically everything except our clothes and surfboards was stolen, but we are moving on. September is behind us, and October has been a much better month. The humidity is gone, and the weather is perfect: daytime temperatures of around 95 and “cool” evenings around 85, not to mention nothing but sunshine! After six years in Portland, it feels liberating not to have the thought of rain even cross my mind. We finally found a long term rental and will be moving in November 1st. I can’t wait to unpack, after two months of living out of my bags, and start to feel more at home. The issue of buying a laptop and waiting for someone to visit and bring it down was alleviated by two rather generous individuals, who, upon hearing about the break in, offered up a laptop that wasn’t getting much use for us to borrow indefinitely. Things are starting to fall into place, and it feels like the extended vacation we planned is just now beginning. Days are spent on the beach and evenings seem to go in one of two directions: quiet nights in the house cooking dinner and hanging out with Marley or out with local friends, drinking lots of tequila into the wee hours of the morning!

A Canadian friend, who lives here but went home for a few weeks, offered to bring a camera back for us, so I took advantage and ordered a camera the day she left! We were on our way to the beach when we saw her, so playing around with it had to wait until our return. I was so excited to get back to blogging that when I got home, I immediately showered and threw on some clothes. The boyfriend and I planned to hang out at the house for a bit, reading and sitting in hammocks, so I went with comfort but also something that was true to my style. I can’t think of anything more true to me than black and white stripes! I have to admit that I love rompers, so when I eyed this black one, which I had yet to wear, it was a no brainer. As I always do when wearing only black and white, I added a pop of color with this neon pink and silver necklace (one of a few necklaces that wasn’t stolen) and finished it off with silver sandals.

While this isn’t my favorite look, I couldn’t resist putting together a quick post after such a long break. Not only that, I had to show off my tan. Go on, tell me you’re jealous that I’m this tan in October!


Collette Osuna said...

Glad you are back and things are starting to work look beautiful..and so tan:)

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jemina said...

Oh WOW, Look at you darling
You SHINE!!!
and most importantly YOU'RE BACK!!!
We've missed you

Keep in touch babe


the Citizen Rosebud said...

Welcome back, Santina! Glad things are getting back to better, and of course I am loving your romper with stripes. You are a girl after my own stripey/rompery heart! <3

Ashley [Free Honey] said...

YOU ARE SO TAN!!! I hope you're wearing sunscreen, missy! So good to see you back and hear that things are looking up. Cute outfit, I do the same thing with accessories when I'm wearing a lot of black!

Also, i have to say that I love the picture of Marley! He has such pretty eyes and he is such a chubby bunny, I just want to cuddle him.

Erin said...

Good to see you friend. I've missed you :)

Becca [Free Honey] said...

Hello, nice to meet you - Oh, wait... Santina? Is that you? I didn't recognize you because you are so freakin' tan! Holy guacamole! Mexico has turned you into a bronzed goddess. The tan looks great with your hair btw. I'm so glad to see you back in action and getting back to blogging. I missed your posts!

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