Holiday Wish List: Beach Style

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Holiday Wish list: Beach Style
Clockwise from top left: Longboard (Ron Jon),  Spring Suit (Roxy), Beach Cover Up (Marc by Marc Jacobs - no longer available), Statement Ring (Marc by Marc Jacobs), Beach Bag (Free People)

This year's holiday wish list looks a lot different from last year's. Rather than coveting handbags, shoes, winter essentials, or anything Marc by Marc, it's all about the beach right now. Here are the top items on my list:

1. A longboard. Right now the boyfriend and I share an arsenal of three boards: a longboard, a mini longboard, and a shortboard. While I learned to surf on the mini longboard, I've grown to love riding a longboard...just as much as my boyfriend. I think it's time for us to get another for those days that we both want one.
2. A spring suit. Yes, yes. I remember that not too long ago I proclaimed that I would never (ever!) stuff myself into a wetsuit again. I definitely don't need anything close to as thick as the one I wore in Oregon, but the water temperature is dropping and I find myself getting out of the water because I'm freezing more often than because I'm exhausted. (Is the water actually cold? No! And, I already know that when friends visit I am going to get a lot of shit for wearing a wetsuit!)
3. A cute beach cover up. Spending the winter on the beach, day in and day out, is tough work, but throwing on this adorable cover up might make it a little easier. Just a little. (I kid!)
4. A statement ring. After having most of my jewelry stolen, a statement ring would be a nice addition to my rather lonely jewelry box. This mixed blue one is neutral enough that I could wear it almost every day.
5. A beach bag. The beach bag I brought with me is a bit on the small side for lugging around a towel, board shorts, a rash guard, sunblock, sunglasses and other beach essentials, but this slouchy bag looks built to fill.

While I love giving gifts to others, I've never shied away from splurging on a purse for my own birthday or something special (to me and from me) for the holidays. This year is no exception: the boyfriend and I have decided to buy a longboard as a gift to each other...and I'm buying a spring suit for myself. Aside from that, there really isn't anything I want. I feel quite fortunate to be spending my days on a beach in Mexico with a man and two kitties I love, and I'm being reminded every day of how good it feels to take a break from it all and live a simple life.


jemina said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE that statement ring so much babe!!!


Grit and Glamour said...

Great choices...hope Santa delivers it all to your door, since you and your love have the longboards covered, of course.

♥ V
twitter: @gritandglamour

Lynzy said...

How I wish I knew how to surf! ALthough I would probably be on my ass the entire time... hmmm

xo Lynzy

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