Guest post: Kate's back!

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October 8, 2010 

On Kate:

Dress: Everly (Modcloth)
Shoes: Chelsea Co (Modcloth)
Patterned tights: H&M
Pink tights: Target
Necklace: Nordstrom
Earrings: Vintage
Cardigan: Romy
Bag: let them eat cake (Ruche)

Fall has officially begun in Portland, and despite the rain and chill, I can at least be happy about my favorite shopping season!

In honor of Santina, I thought I would dress to match the weather, which was grey—but I wasn’t quite ready to let go of summer today, so I adapted one of my favorite summer dresses to be more season-appropriate with a cardigan and of course, my favorite fall staple: tights. (I was also sure to sneak in a splash of color by layering my knit tights with a magenta under-layer, which also made for a warmer outfit!)

I also couldn’t go today without wearing my favorite bow necklace—funny, I never pegged myself as a bows kind of girl before I got this necklace, but now it’s probably my most frequently worn piece of jewelry. And I love that it’s reversible—the opposite side is a plan copper design, but today I felt like jazzing it up with the pearl side.

Lastly, I am always happy when sporting my heeled oxfords, which I was thrilled to find this summer. My friends either love them or hate them—some arguing they’re too “grandma” and some saying they are adorable. I personally think it is possible to rock the “grandma” look and still look fabulous. What do you think?

*Note from Santina: I have to smile whenever I see these shoes as I still recall the day they were purchased. Kate and I were attending a terribly boring training (while painfully hungover, if I remember correctly) and when I glanced in her direction I saw her staring at my shoes. A minute later I received a text from Kate, telling me just how much she adored the shoes I had on. I returned to my desk at the end of the day to find an e-mail from Kate with a link to these shoes. Before I could even respond to tell her to click "Buy", another e-mail came my way telling me I was too slow and they had already been purchased. I guess I'm on "Team Grandma" because I absolutely love these shoes on Kate!


Ashley [Free Honey] said...

haha, I love the grandma shoes too! They're so kitschy and cute. The dress is adorable too, Kate!

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