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September 15, 2010

Tank: Forever 21
Shorts: Citizens of Humanity (passed along to me by a friend)
Shoes: Steve Madden (Nordstrom)
Rings: Forever 21
Clutch: H&M
Sunglasses: Ray Ban (Saks)

Please do not look at these photos too closely! Some girls are capable of looking cute while sweating but not me. Rather than glistening, I become a sweaty beast, which is exactly why there aren’t many close ups for this post; I was dripping sweat before we even started. The five minute walk from my house to the plaza left me soaked. It was definitely the hottest and most humid day since I arrived here, and since it’s been a few days without rain, not to mention that last week’s heavy rains have left the beach and ocean a bit too dirty for me to venture into the water, there has been absolutely no relief from this oppressive heat. That being said, overall it was a pretty fun day. September 16th is Mexico’s Independence Day, but the celebration kicks off the night before. This year marked two hundred years of independence, and preparations for the party began early in the day: flags and decorations were hung all over the plaza, and even more street stalls popped up, selling specialty dishes in honor of the occasion. Nearly every restaurant in town offered two for one bottles of beer, as well as margaritas, and despite my continuing stomach bug, I decided to indulge in a few myself.

Tired of wearing flip flops all the time, I decided to break out the highest pair of shoes that I brought. I just couldn’t wear flats to a party, even one that takes place on cobblestone streets. Already feeling my spirits lift with the help of these pink wedges, I quickly threw together the rest of the outfit. These cutoffs were fresh from the laundry service and having been apart for a few days, I knew right away that I wanted to wear them. I love the cut of this tank as it shows off my shoulders (one of my favorite body parts) and it’s loose enough not to immediately stick to my body. This mesh clutch was the perfect bag for the evening; I couldn’t stand the thought of anything hanging on me. I finished it off with a few rings…it turns out this sweaty beast’s fingers don’t sweat much, making them the perfect place for accessories! I’m now wishing I brought along more rings!


Closet Fashionista said...

I love the print on your top! :D

Becca [Free Honey] said...

Never start a post with "don't look too closely" if you actually don't want people to look too closely. Like the rebellious child that I was, I, of course, went back and inspected these photos. Good news, no pit stains or visible sweat! You look good chica. Glad to hear you got out for some fun times. Don't let the stomach bug (or natural disasters) get you down, it's nothing a margarita (or five) can't fix. Hope these hurricanes that are brewing stay far away from you too. I was thinking about you when I was watching the news this evening. Espero que tengas un fin de semana muy divertido! Oy, my spanish is rusty, that took me longer than I care to admit.

erin said...

Pienso que mires muy bonita, amiga. Seriously, you pull off sweaty like no one I've seen.

jemina said...

My dearest Santina, how beautifl you are. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your hair and you inner persona is just so captivating. You make every outfit brilliant and elegant just because of who you are. Please keep in touch darling. You are in my thoughts always, and if you just would like to chat, say hi or rant ot anything, email me at LOVE BIG HUGS and Kisses, always, Jemina, xoxo


love the cutoffs and top!
Come Follow & Vote for me xoxo

Sabina said...

Your hair is fierce! The shoes give the outfit a pop, it's perfect!
I'd be glad if you found the time to visit my blog - if you like it (and I hope you will), feel free to comment and follow of course (Who would have thought, huh? :)))

jemina said...

Babe, you always look phenomenal, fashionable and inspirational, thinking of you with fond wishes this weekend, LOVE always (((HUGE HUGS))) Jemina, xoxo

minnja said...

Loooove it :))))

Tara said...

i like ur blonde short hair and love ur style too :)'
check my new blog post " Denimology " and leave your comment.

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