Meet Kate: my shortest friend!

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July 30, 2010

On Kate:

Dress: Forever 21
Belt: Forever 21 (came with dress)
Necklace: Forever 21
Earrings: Payless
Shoes: Payless

As I mentioned in Friday’s post, my friend, Kate, so graciously accepted the role of guest photographer on Thursday, and she looked so cute that I had to snap a few of her. It was quite interesting to be on the other side of the camera, and it made me appreciate the patience of those people who take photos of me almost every day. Not being completely comfortable in front of the camera makes me rather particular about the pictures I post, and both of my usual photographers handle my slightly neurotic approach to outfit pictures with nothing but laughs and friendly jesting. But this post isn’t about me…back to Kate!

Kate and I went on a Forever 21 adventure last Thursday, and she walked out with a bag of adorable finds including almost this entire look. I love this look because it is quintessentially Kate; from head to toe, every single item is the epitome of her personal style. I love the color of this dress, but it’s the delicate pleating at the shoulders that really made me proclaim “you must buy that” the minute Kate stepped out of the dressing room. You will never see Kate without accessories, which are always feminine and have a vintage flair, and this necklace is no exception. She actually tried to resist this floral bag with an adjustable strap, but being the good friend that I am, I insisted she buy it. She finished it off with t-strap heels. Speaking of heels, you might have noticed that Kate is a bit shorter than me; at 5’10” I am actually just one inch shy of being a full foot taller than her! I will admit that when I have plans to hang out with Kate, I often consciously choose flats and she has a penchant to wear her highest of heels on those days. Our height difference never ceases to amuse us!

One might say that Style by Santina was Kate’s gateway drug. After starting my blog, Kate became one of my most devoted readers, and so her addiction to fashion blogs began! While my friends and I have very different styles, I love seeing hints of inspiration from each other in our own looks. I find myself reaching for items simply because they remind me of a friend and his or her style, and I often hear my friends saying things like “I call this my Santina dress”. I feel honored to inspire my friends and love to challenge them to wear styles to which that they are not immediately drawn. Does this happen to you? Tell me about it!


jemina said...

Kate has an amazing style, she should start a blog!!!, I love her dress and her bag!!! and yes, I LOVE Santina's style, I am #teamsantina, YAY!!! xoxo

Ashley said...

Kate is so cute! Her bag and shoes def have a vintage flair to them. The bag is especially adorable (although way too small to be of practical use to me.) I love coercing my friends to be involved with my blog!

xoxo, Ashley

minnja said...

Kate has an beautiful style!!!

Not a Paper Cup said...

Kate looks gorgeous :)....very sweet style.

Tinja said...

Love her dress, it's classic and the color is so vibrant and stunning!

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