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August 20, 2010

Tank: Forever 21
Bandeau: Forever 21
Cutoffs: Citizens of Humanity (gift)
Boots: Theory (Nordstrom Rack)
Watch: L.A.M.B. (gift)
Rings: Marc by Marc Jacobs (Marc by Marc, Boston)
Bag: Treesje (Nordstrom)

When I saw that the high temperature for the day was going to be a cool seventy three, I knew I couldn’t let this opportunity slip away. I had to wear these boots one last time before putting them into storage. Despite the cool temperatures, I didn’t want to fully jump into my fall wardrobe so I balanced the boots with cutoffs and a tank. I have to admit that when I checked this look out in the mirror I thought it might be a wee bit trashy and I couldn’t decide if it was good trashy or bad trashy. Perhaps I was a little too inspired by Jersey Shore the night before? After a quick text poll, it was agreed that it was good trashy, so I rolled with it.

It’s more than clear that I can’t resist anything in black and white, and I’ve had a streak of black and white purchases from Forever 21 (like this skirt and this tank). Since this tank has low cut armholes, I decided to wear a bright bandeau to add a little color. For accessories, I wore only this watch, which fit the rocker vibe of the rest of the look, and a slouchy gray bag with studs.

Lately, while editing photos there are only two words that come to mind: bang trim! I really need a bang trim but I am cutting almost all of my hair off next week so I just don’t see the point. I meant to get one two weeks ago but I am so busy with moving that my days are flying by. When I first realized that my current hairstyle is just not realistic for beach life, I was a little sad to say goodbye to it. I have a history of experimenting with my hair and this one is definitely my favorite so far, but as my hair appointment approaches, I am actually really excited to chop it off! Who else loves the feeling of a cute new haircut?


Ashley said...

I was totally wondering what you were going to do with your hair as it looks like it would have to be trimmed quite frequently to maintain this shape. But I don't really understand what you're going bald for mexico?? Aren't you worried about a sunburned head? I admire your boldness...trimming more then a few inches off of my hair makes me nervous. Excited to see the results!!

The bandeau is such a nice pop of color! Love the boots - it must be a little bittersweet to be packing away so much of your life, I think it's amazing of you!

xoxo, Ashley

Melissa said...

Oh wow, I love that purse so much!! I' m definitely with you on that feeling of excitement before getting a new haircut!

Helena from BrooklynBlonde said...

Loving those boots!! Can't wait to see what your hair is going to look like! I also admire your boldness, but you could def pull it off!

Grit and Glamour said...

Hey there...glad you looked me up on your look. And those boots!

♥ V

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