When pajamas won't do, harem pants will!

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July 15, 2010

Shirt: Geren Ford (Gilt)
Pants: Theory (Nordstrom Rack)
Bracelet: Sloan Boutique, Portland
Shoes: Steven by Steve Madden (Nordstrom)
Bag: L.A.M.B. (Nordstrom Rack)

It’s inevitable that I get a cold in the middle of summer when I should be feeling great now that the seemingly incessant rain has finally ceased. However, when the temperature dropped twenty degrees, I just knew my time had come; my body does not respond well to extreme changes in temperature. It was no surprise that by Thursday I was officially sick. Sadly, there can be only one Hugh Hefner, so pajamas at work weren’t quite an option. That left only one option: harem pants. They are seriously the most comfortable thing in my closet, and I’ve grown to feel confident while wearing them.

When not feeling myself, I tend to go simple, nothing too flashy, not many accessories, just the bare essentials to make me feel put together. Of course, there are those times when I’m really not feeling well and I force myself to put on a dress and heels because, well, it couldn’t hurt, now could it? Today was no such day. Thursday marks the end of my week, and I just needed to make it through the day. I threw on a shirt, a comfortable pair of heels, and just a bracelet. I grabbed my oversized clutch and ran out the door.

What is your go to style when you’re not quite feeling yourself?


Pretty Pleased said...

Love your cobalt blue top! Blue is my goto color when I want a quick wardrobe perk me up...looks great on blonds;) Great look!

Ashley said...

Summer colds are the absolute worst. They just seem unfair. I try to make myself comfy when I don't feel well, but I still do try and shower and get dressed, if I do have to get out of bed. I love your bracelet here, it's so tough. Hope you had a good weekend!

xoxo, Ash

Eat, Sleep, Denim said...

Very cute, I really like that top!
Eat, Sleep, Denim <3

Eat, Sleep, Denim said...

Very cute, I really like that top!
Eat, Sleep, Denim <3

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