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July 25, 2010

It seems quitting my job and announcing the big move lead to a week of celebrations, cutting into time that is usually spent on my blog. Sorry for the slow week, but I already have a fun post in the works for Tuesday; today we shot some of my favorite photos to date and I can’t want to share them.

I knew this week would be exciting, but just as I was thinking I couldn’t be happier I found myself in three, yes three, features! Me?!? Before this week I had never been featured once, and then I found myself in one on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I am so incredibly flattered...I really can’t express how much the amazing support I’ve received from complete strangers means to me. I definitely lean a little to the pessimistic side and this kindness gives me hope that all people aren’t assholes (I kid). 

So, if you haven’t checked ‘em out, here are the features:
Ladies, I love your style (thanks to the lovely Jemina)
Lovely Ladies’ Lovely Looks (thanks to Fashion Translated)
Jeffrey Campbell JC Girls

Honestly, I was thrilled to see myself featured. I feel proud of myself for sticking with blogging even when I feel like no one’s reading, and pretending not to see the spectators as I pose for pictures, and most of all, sacrificing a few hours of sleep while editing photos. (Seriously, are you all exhausted?)  Wanting to share the love, here are five of my favorite posts (in alphabetical order) from this week all from blogs I recently found:

1.    Blog to Note: Morgan & Lua from MouseVox Vintage
I found Morgan & Lua right as I started my obsession with fashion blogs. I fell in love with her photos with her beautiful dog, Lua. She does casual chic with total ease and I adore her preppy yet quirky style. This photo from her interview is my favorite from this week, and I can't even see the outfit!

2.    Cow Town from Haiku Ambulance
I stumbled across Haiku Ambulance one morning and couldn’t stop clicking from page to page to page. There is nothing this girl can’t wear! And, you might say I have a thing for short blond hair…I also have a thing for cows; I absolutely love cows. I think they are such innocent and beautiful creatures so this post won me over before I even laid eyes on the red shoes.

3.    Happy Hues from Pretty Pleased
I am a firm believer in willing my mood with my clothing and color choices. Just seeing this cheery yellow shirt brightened my day so I can’t imagine how the lovely Catherine felt!

4.    Not Long To Go from Lucy Laucht
The mention of a bold move first attracted me to this post as I understand the mix of anxiety and excitement, and the Mark Twain quote perfectly summed up my feelings about my decision to take a break from the working world. But then I saw those khakis and forgot all that… Honey, with style like this, you will make it anywhere!

5.    Salute! From Jemina
Jemina is one of the kindest people I’ve encountered on this adventure in blogging. I can’t get enough of her blog; I find her confident style so inspiring. She is nothing short of bad ass, but in an adorable way that just makes me want to hug her!

I love finding new blogs. Tell me some of your favorites!


Lynzy said...

Oh I LOVE THESE girls :)

Some of my favorites?
Fashion Butter
Collage Vintage
Shine by Three

AND so many more!

xo Lynzy

jemina said...

Thank you so much hun!!! this is the highest compliment ever!!!! your amazing babe!!! wishing you the bestest week ever!!!! HUGZ!!!, XOXO

Copious Couture said...

I love finding new blogs!!!! Thanks so sharing the love! I'm doing a giveaway over at CopiousCouture, come check it out!


T. said...

Thanks for reacting to my feature! (I kinda whish I had used a less stupid title now) "Haiku Ambulance" looks interesting. Love her outfit and her hair!
And that was a cute little story about your cat giving you fashion advice in the last post!

Santina said...

No, thank you T for including me in your feature. I was so flattered to know that there actually are people out there reading and enjoying my blog! Your thoughtfulness inspired me to pass along those feelings of accomplishment to a few of my new favorite bloggers.

Your support means so much to me!


Becca said...

Congratulations. Getting recognition just makes you dive further down the blogging rabbit hole. No doubt all the praise is deserved!

Style, She Wrote said...

I love Jemina's blog! Great pick!

Jesson And Rey Ann said...

rare idea, comparing animal foot to human,... i love it!!!

Jesson And Rey Ann said...

rare idea, comparing animal foot to human,... i love it!!!

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