Could we share that umbrella?

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May 26, 2010

Dress: Rodarte for Target
Shirt: Juicy Couture
Belt: BCBG Max Azria 
Tights: DKNY (Nordstrom)
Shoes: BCBGGirls (Nordstrom)
Ring: BCBG Max Azria
Purse: Marc by Marc Jacobs (Nordstrom)

And yet another gray, rainy day…Today was the kind of rainy day that no matter how hard I tried to stay dry, I was drenched when I arrived at work. The pouring rain was coming at me from all directions and my umbrella was useless! Needless to say, we didn’t take many shots of the outfit although it's not completely honest to say the weather was the only reason why. Time (and then some) that could have otherwise been spent taking outfit photos was spent on not one but two trips to the Nordstrom Half-Yearly sale.

I adore this Rodarte for Target dress and find a new way to wear it each time I pull it out of my closet. The neutral color and lace pattern makes it both classic and on trend all at once. I am not one to be sugary sweet; I prefer to add something unexpected or a contrasting element. That was accomplished with the additions of the belt and brightly colored tights. I added a studded, black belt to cover the elastic waist of the dress, which does not sit at a flattering position on my waist. I get cold very easily, so going without tights on a day with a forecast high temperature of 63 is out of the question. I considered several colors of tights for this otherwise neutral outfit, but I loved how the nude dress looked against these violet tights.

This purse is a favorite of mine. It is the first Marc purse I ever purchased, and I lusted over it for months. I visited it at the Nordstrom across the street from my office during breaks on a weekly basis. There were two motivations that finally pushed me to pull the trigger and finally take this beauty home: my approaching birthday and the price per wear rule. I made it a rule a long time ago to never work on my birthday and always buy myself a gift. And, when it comes to bigger purchases, I try to consider the price per wear rule; it’s so simple that I can rely upon it even in the most frantic of shopping frenzies. I try to honestly predict how often I will wear the item; I then divide the price by the frequency to determine the price per wear. A beautiful black bag is a must for anyone. I wear this bag so frequently that since I bought it three years ago the price per wear is about $2! Not to mention that it is showing no signs of wear and will easily stay in my handbag rotation for years to come, driving down the price per wear each time I pull it out of its dust bag. Do you have any shopping rules?


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